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01935 592701 / 07771 884699

The picture below is another typical example of a carpet clean that we come across on a regular basis and the results we achieve. Left side of room after clean, right side before.

Would you abuse your best wool coat or other clothing in the same as your carpets? If the answer is NO then you should think about maintaining their life span by regular professional carpet cleaning. Regular dry vacuuming will help to remove the hard matter that gathers and wears down the carpet but what about the pollutants and bateria that live a healthy life within it.

We have the solution in various types of professional carpet cleaner equipment and products. A low moisture pad system with a drying time as low as 30 minutes is one option whilst we also carry high powered hot water extraction machines for the more tricky jobs. No two jobs are identical hence we cater for all eventualities.

Which ever system is used you be assured that both systems use products that are biodegrable and eco friendly. Drying times will vary with atmospheric conditions and the degree of work required to bring your carpets up to their best.

Still in doubt? Then check out the list on our customers page. Within this list are carpets that previously had been abused to the extreme with builders dust, oil, vomit, blood, other body fluids, pet damage etc. After all these years there's not much we haven't dealt with but we keep looking for new challenges!


Does your Carpet need to be stretched? It is usually pretty easy to tell if you need to have your carpet re-stretched. If it has wrinkles or bumps then it is loose. If you can pull up on it and it doesn't pop back pretty quickly, it is too loose. Carpet that is loose wears quickly so you should have it stretched.

How much should carpet cleaning cost? Prices can vary a great deal based on your location and the level of service that you are looking for. Be cautious of prices that appear to be too low or seem to be a fantastic deal. Look out for hidden charges. If you are using a coupon read the fine print. Look out for charges for extra pre-conditioning or pre-treatment.

How good is your vacuum cleaner? Vacuuming is the single most important thing you can do to maintain your carpets. It is important to have a good vacuum. Look for a vacuum with a beater bar which is raised metal bump on the brush. It will lift and separate the pile of the carpet for better soil removal. Buy a vacuum with good suction and change your vacuum bag after it gets half full. This will increase the suction power of the vacuum. You don't need to spend a fortune to get a good vacuum. Don't go too cheap either though, a couple hundred pounds should get you a good vacuum. Whichever vacuum you get, be sure to use it. Vacuum at least twice a week.

Which method of carpet cleaning should you choose? There are many different ways to clean a carpet. You can use dry methods, shampoo, steam, bonnet cleaning, etc. The list goes on and on. The most important thing is to choose dedicated and professional cleaners. A skilled and dedicated cleaner can get your rugs and carpets clean with any method.

Cleaning Scams. Like every industry, the carpet cleaning industry has its share of bad companies. Although the majority of the companies are honest, there are some that are looking to scam the consumer. This article will help you identify the unethical carpet cleaners and help you avoid getting ripped off by a scam. This is the classic carpet cleaning rip-off. In this scam, the customer is lured in by a ridiculously low priced carpet cleaning. Often the advertisement you read will offer carpet cleaning in the region of £10 per room. There is no way that a company can be profitable selling its services that low. But the companies usually have no intention of leaving your home with only the advertised amount. So how do they increase the bill after you have taken the "bait" of the low price?

Preconditioning Scam. One way they will increase the bill is by selling you preconditioning. Most legitimate companies include this in their pricing. That low price they offered probably didn't include it. It may have been £10 per room to clean it with water only but pre-conditioning will cost you an additional amount per square foot. Considering an average room size of 150 square feet, that could be £20 per room extra. So a 5 room home would go from the advertised carpet cleaning price of £50 to £150. Quite a difference. But what if you just refuse to pay for the pre-conditioning? Chances are you will get a substandard cleaning or a rush job, but there is another way that they can try to force you into paying for the pre-conditioning. They may offer to do a demo for you. This isn't necessarily bad, many good carpet cleaning companies do demos. What Bait and Switch companies will do however is clean an area in a highly visible area. If you decide to not pay for the extra service, you will have an extra clean spot in the middle of your carpet that will stick out like a sore thumb. By doing this you are forced to pay the extra price.

Extra Room Scam. Another way for Bait and Switch companies to increase their bill is through extra room charges. If you use a coupon, you must read the fine print. Some companies will charge extra for rooms over 100 square feet of carpet for example. It is hard to find a room in a typical home under that square footage, so that means the typical room will count as two and the typical living room or family room will count as three or even four rooms.Carpet Protection Scam. Almost all carpet cleaning companies offer protection at reasonable prices and carpet protectors themselves are good products. This doesn't become bait and switch until a company uses high pressure tactics. Customers may be told that their carpet will be ruined if they don't have protection applied. This is simply not true. Protection will certainly extend the life of your carpet and make future cleanings easier but it is in no way necessary.


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