Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners For Sherborne Dorset & Yeovil Somerset 01935 592701 / 07771 884699
Professional Carpet & Upholstery CleanersFor Sherborne Dorset & Yeovil Somerset01935 592701 / 07771 884699

01935 592701 / 07771 884699

Without doubt the most abused pieces of equipment in any home! It is used to work from, eat from, jump on and sleep on, yet rarely receives any attention in the form of maintanence. Your upholstery over time becomes a hot bed of grit, dirt, sand, food, dust mites and normal air born pollutents. This is why it should be professionally cleaned.
Prior to any upholstery cleaning all items must be carefully inspected for type of material and and overall condition, hence why it is in your best interests for a site visit to be made prior to any agreement to clean, although this can still be carried out on the day. From this we then decide what is the most suitable cleaning process, and there are many methods available although some are not compatible with some materials.
We only use enviromentally friendly products which are absolutely safe to be used in any home. Prior to cleaning all upholstery will be subject to a in depth vacuum to remove all the hard matter present.

Leather cleaning is a specialised subject and we are fully trained in it. With the varying types of leather in production a close inspection is carried using an electronic microscope fitted to a laptop to ensure that the correct procedures are carried out. Even the sales people at furniture outlets have been proven not knowing what they are selling in repect of the ability for that article to be cleaned. We have our own independant website for leather cleaning and restoration which can be found at

Upholstery cleaning can be a very complicated task. It is more involved than carpet cleaning and should not be attempted by consumers. For anything other than spot cleaning, you should call a professional upholstery cleaner to do the work. Here is a brief overview of what is involved in upholstery cleaning.
Fibre Identification This is the most important part of upholstery cleaning and one of the chief reasons that consumers should not attempt their own upholstery cleaning. Every different type of fibre responds to cleaning differently and must be handled carefully. Cotton is cleaned differently from rayon which is treated different than acrylic which is cleaned different from silk, etc, etc, etc. Your fabric might contain several different types of fibres. You might have a combination of cotton and polyester threads or cotton and rayon. Every thread in a fabric must be tested to determine what types of fibres are present.
Dye Stability The fabric should be tested for stability of the dye before upholstery cleaning. Your technician should test the cleaner that they will be using on a hidden area of the fabric. Every different colour should be checked. If the dye bleeds or transfers to the test cloth, special procedures must be used. The technician can use a dye lock chemical which will keep it from bleeding or they might switch to a less aggressive chemical. In the worst cases, the fabric might not be cleanable.
Fabric ConstructionThe construction of your upholstery's fabric must be taken into account. If it is delicate, then the upholstery cleaning technician must be gentle with it. If it has different colored threads running underneath the fibre then it must be handled carefully. If it is velvet, it must be brushed after cleaning. If it is a sturdy fibre, the technician can be more aggressive with the cleaning. The upholstery cleaning technician should also unzip the cushions and look behind the fabric. Sometimes during assembly, furniture manufacturers will use a pen to mark the fabric. This can bleed through if cleaned. These marks can not always be seen but an attempt should be made to look for them.
Upholstery Cleaning CodesYou might notice that a tag with a cleaning code is attached to your furniture. These codes are seldom correct. It is not uncommon to have three pieces of upholstery in the room made of the same fabric and each of these pieces will have a different cleaning code on it. These stickers are often just slapped on upholstery and should not be used by your technician to determine a cleaning method. The codes you might see on your upholstery are S (Dry Clean Only) , W (Wet Clean) , SW (Low Moisture Cleaning) and X (Vacuum Only).

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